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Perforating Guns and Setting Tools

A perforating gun is a custom-made device containing explosive charges that create communication paths, or perforations, between a reservoir and the wellbore in preparation for production. Therefore, the efficiency of a well’s production is often largely dependent on how accurate the perforations are.

Perforating Guns & Setting Tools stacked on Top of Each Other

Because oil and gas wells vary in sizes and geography, the manufacturing of perforating guns, for both their sizes and shapes, are usually based on the limitations that surface equipment has placed accessing the wellbore. For shaped-charged perforating guns, the two most common and basic carriers are retrievable hollow-carrier guns and expendable guns.

As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, pushing the limits for completion technology, the demand for high pressure perforating gun systems has grown exponentially. As a result, Hunt & Hunt makes sure that all our perforating gun systems and components are of the highest quality, in both safety and efficiency.

Perforating Gun Systems that Maximize Production

To get the most out of your well, optimizing your gun performance is key. Reducing debris and keeping wells protected using quality hollow carrier and capsule perforating guns can go a long way in increasing your production. Only with manufacturers like Hunt & Hunt, that use precision engineering and machinery, can you find perforating gun systems and setting tools capable of truly maximizing your production in a safe and efficient way.

By using the highest quality of machinery and materials, Hunt & Hunt’s perforating gun systems can provide safety, reliability and efficiency. These high-performance perforating gun systems allow us to serve as one of the largest manufacturers of perforating guns in the oil and gas industry.

Hunt & Hunt’s Manufacturing Facility

Hunt & Hunt, Ltd. manufactures premium-grade perforating guns and setting tools. Each perforating gun is made in in our 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Houston, TX. By having all our manufacturing done in one location, our perforating guns and setting tools are consistently that of high quality.

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If you’re in need of getting more out of your oil and gas production, our perforating guns and setting tools manufacturing services can help you. Contact us today for more information on all our perforating gun systems and setting tools.

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